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The trip to the Ukraine was a great success! Many lives were touched for the Gospel. Thank you for helping us go!

Welcome to our World of Missions

My wife, Janice and I have been working as missionaries inside the old Soviet Union since 1990. We have seen a network of churches develop in Ukraine, Moldova and the Ural Mountain region of Russia. This network involves several hundred churches and over 100,000 new converts. God has been faithful to us and we have developed some wonderful relationships with many wonderful people

We will introduce you to many of our friends in that part of the world and share with you some of their testimonies. One of the joys of working on the cutting edge of missions is the demonstration of God's hand at work among those who a few years ago did not even know that God existed. You can marvel with us at God's love expressed to a people hungry to know Him.

We hope your time spent with us on this site will encourage you in whatever you may be going through. Our deepest desire is to encourage and equip you with words from "The Word" along with shared tesitmonies of others.

Gratefully commissioned,

Dwayne & Janice
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